How to Save Time and Money with Multiple Home Remodels

  |  December 9, 2014

Oftentimes when we talk with customers, they will lay out multi-year remodeling plans for their homes. “First,” they might say, “we want to remodel our kitchen. We’ll take care of that over the next few months. Then next year, we’d like to tackle the master bath. In three years, we expect we’ll get around to... Read More

Bathroom Trends 2014

  |  September 5, 2014

Since we do a lot of bathroom design and remodeling, one of the first questions we are asked (after how much will this cost) is what do we see as popular trends in design and materials. First, regarding overall design, we hear the desire for a nicer and if possible larger shower. This is almost... Read More

Summer Maintenance Tip: Make sure your HVAC condensate trap is clean

  |  July 8, 2014

Quick tip from Northwood Construction: Now that the heat and humidity have set in, your airconditioner is working hard to cool and dehumidify your house. Make sure the condensate water from your air-conditioner is flowing freely. As warm moist air is pulled through your air conditioner the moisture in the air condenses (turns to water)... Read More