Reston Kitchen with Green Tile and Cherry Cabinets

Renovated Reston Kitchen Featuring Green Tile & Cherry Cabinets

The primary goal of this Reston kitchen remodel was to enhance the kitchen’s layout and functionality, eliminating the bottleneck effect.

The pantry was replaced with spacious cabinets, augmenting storage capacity. A complete reconfiguration aimed to maximize space, resulting in the relocation of the fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and oven—only the stove remained, now in the form of a sleek cooktop. The addition of soapstone countertops complemented by a butcher’s block, along with a tile backsplash and elegant Wellborn cherry cabinets, revitalized the space. An appliance garage (for storing the KitchenAid mixer) and cooktop insert were integrated, while a decorative wood hood added a lovely focal point.

Another focal point of this kitchen was the cooking nook, which was designed to hold the most frequently used spices/cooking items for the homeowner. We were able to accomplish this because there weren’t any utilities hiding in the wall, and it was thick enough to accommodate the depth of what she wanted to store.

The powder room remained untouched in terms of relocation but received updates such as tile wainscoting for a refreshed look.

In the laundry room, improvements centered around the utility sink area and new flooring installation, matching the cohesive aesthetic of the kitchen and powder room.

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