The Emotional Journey of Home Remodeling

Embarking on the emotional journey of home remodeling is full of highs and lows. It’s an exhilarating endeavor that can bring immense satisfaction upon completion. However, it also often comes with its fair share of stress, sometimes feeling like an emotional rollercoaster. This is what we, in the remodeling industry, refer to as the Remodeling Rollercoaster. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the various stages of a remodel, providing insight into the range of emotions you might experience and offering tips on navigating the process with grace and patience. 

Planning Process (Project Development) 

Emotion = Excitement 

This is the fun stage of the remodeling project, which begins with design. We’ll enter into a project development agreement, which is a fee to do the design specifications so we can arrive at a precise cost for the project.  

During this stage, we’ll go “shopping” for the items that will make up your remodel. It will include plumbing fixtures, tile, floors, light fixtures, new appliances (if it is a kitchen remodel) and so much more.  

At this stage, you should expect to experience a mix of emotions. You will be excited to finally have the opportunity to make the changes to your home that you’ve been wanting, but you could also feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that require your attention. Don’t worry. Our team will expertly guide you every step along the way and show you (via 3D images) how your newly remodeled home could look with your selections. We will also be transparent about how your choices will work within your budget.  

The Remodeling Contract 

Emotion = Assured 

Once the design specifications are established, you can enter into a remodeling contract with us. The contract will outline all the details of the project, including what materials are to be used, how long the project is expected to last, and everything in between. At this stage, you should expect to feel reassured that your remodeling team truly understands your vision and is committed to making it a reality. 

Securing the Necessary Permits 

Emotion = Anxious anticipation 

Once the contract is signed, the next step in the remodeling process is obtaining the required building permits. Your contractor handles this task, and it’s a crucial step to ensure all work meets local building codes and regulations. Depending on the extent of your remodel, permits may be needed for structural changes, electrical work, plumbing and HVAC modifications, and other aspects of the project.  

During this stage, you may feel a sense of anxious anticipation as you wait for your project to get underway. However, it’s important to remember that this is a pivotal step in ensuring that your remodel is carried out safely and legally.  


Emotion = Nervous excitement 

The deconstruction phase marks the beginning of the tangible work on your remodeling project. During this stage, your house transforms as old fixtures and structural elements are removed to make way for the new. You might feel a sense of nervous excitement during this phase as you watch parts of your home being torn down. It’s normal to feel a little unsettled seeing the familiar turn into the unfamiliar. 

However, remember that this deconstruction is necessary to create your vision for your home. Our team will ensure this phase is conducted efficiently and with as minimal disruption to your daily life as possible. We’ll implement dust protection measures by closing off rooms with plastic temporary walls and zippered doorways, and if, for example, your home renovation is a kitchen remodel, we’ll prepare you with tips on how to survive it

Remember that every piece removed is a step towards realizing your home’s new look and functionality. Soon, the actual construction will begin, and you’ll start to see your dream home taking shape. 


Emotion = Still excited 

Next, we transition into the framing phase, where you will start to see the skeletal structure of your remodel take shape. This stage involves building a new framework for your home renovation. Whether it’s new walls for a room addition, or reconfiguring existing walls for a more open layout, the framing step is where your remodel truly begins to resemble the final vision. 

During this stage, your emotional state will likely still be excited. As the new structure takes form, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit giddy as you’ll be able to start visualizing your remodeled space more clearly. 


Emotion = Anticipation to impatience 

Following the framing phase, the next part of your home remodeling project involves the rough-ins. This is where the infrastructure – the electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems – are installed behind the walls. This process may seem less glamorous than other stages, as most of this work will eventually get hidden behind drywall. However, this stage is critical to the functionality and comfort of your home. 

During the rough-in stage, you might experience feelings of anticipation, and because this is a slow stage, your excitement might begin to tinge with impatience. 

Drywall & Drywall Sanding 

Emotion = Freefall with thoughts of “What have I done?” 

During the drywall stage, you probably will experience a freefall of emotions. If you picture a rollercoaster, you ascended to the top of the first rise, and now you are plummeting downward.  

You may even experience that unique sinking feeling (as when riding a rollercoaster) that makes you scream, “What have I done?” 

This is why that feeling during a remodeling project is completely expected (and normal): Drywall work is messy and loud! Additionally, while you are excited to see the rooms take shape, once the drywall is up, you can go days without seeing any visible progress. It can feel like workers are coming and going without doing anything. Rest assured; this is not the case. 

Cabinets, Flooring & Trim 

Emotion = Rejuvenation  

Following the drywall stage, we install cabinets, flooring, and trim. This phase signifies one of the most transformative stages in your home remodeling journey. It’s where the aesthetic vision of your space starts to become a reality. From the elegance of hardwood floors to the sophistication of custom cabinetry and the detailed finish of trim work, each element adds a unique touch to your home. 

During this stage, you likely feel a sense of rejuvenation. As you witness the raw structure of your home metamorphose into a beautifully designed space, it’s common to experience a renewed energy and excitement for the project. Any prior doubts or anxieties might begin to fade as you start to see your vision come to life.  

Tile & Paint 

Emotion = Anticipation and satisfaction 

Next comes the tile and paint phase. This stage is all about adding color, texture, and character to your space. Whether it’s a backsplash in the kitchen, a feature wall in the living room, or tiling in the bathroom, each detail brings you one step closer to your dream home. Similarly, your chosen paint colors will dramatically transform the mood and ambiance of your space. 

It is during this stage that you might oscillate between anticipation and satisfaction. Seeing your selected colors and textures come to life on your walls can be incredibly gratifying, adding to your sense of anticipation for the final reveal. 


Emotion = Elation 

The final stage of your home remodeling journey is the installation of finishes. This stage includes adding new doors, appliances, and other finishing touches that make your home functional and visually appealing. Each element contributes to your home’s overall look and feel, from a sleek, modern refrigerator that meets your family’s needs to a cozy, inviting front door that adds curb appeal and welcomes guests.  

During this stage, you’re likely to experience a sense of elation. Each new door installed and every appliance fitted brings you one step closer to completing your project. These finishing touches are the last pieces of the puzzle, tying everything together and transforming the space into your dream home. As you see everything falling into place, you’ll likely experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that your vision has become a reality. 

Project Completion 

Emotion = Relief and joy 

Upon completing your home remodeling project, a wave of relief will likely wash over you. The anticipation, excitement, and occasional bouts of anxiety have all led to this moment. You now stand in your newly remodeled space that existed only as a vision.  

There might be a profound sense of satisfaction as you walk through the spaces that have been transformed. Take a moment to admire the finished aesthetics, the functionality of each room, and the small details that make your space uniquely yours. It’s not just the end of a home renovation project; it’s the beginning of making memories in a space tailored to fit your lifestyle and taste. 

A few months later …  

You’ll be ready to do it again! 

If you want to explore the stages of remodeling a house for yourself, we’d welcome the opportunity to talk.  

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