Attic Insulation in Northern Virginia: Types and Energy Savings

showing the depth of attic insulation

Proper attic insulation is one of the first things homeowners can do to improve energy savings and their overall comfort. This is especially true for those living in regions that experience extreme temperature swings, like Northern Virginia. Types of Insulation Materials for Existing Homes For existing homes, there are four primary types of attic insulation…

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Tips for Home Winterization in Northern Virginia

home winterization tips for keeping your home warm when it's snow covered

Home winterization in Northern Virginia should not be overlooked. Preparing our homes for the freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions that winter brings is important. Failure to do so could lead to damage to your home and costly repairs. This article will provide practical tips to effectively winterize your home, ensuring it remains warm, safe…

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Are All Quartz Countertops the Same?

Is there a difference between quartz countertops and other materials? Which countertop material is best: Quartz or Granite?  Of course, the answer is “It Depends”.  After explaining the differences many people prefer Quartz. “Quartz” in context to this discussion is a man-made countertop product more accurately described as “engineered stone”.  So with a decision to…

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