Reston Bathroom Remodel | Ocean Blue

What was once a dark, monochromatic hall bathroom is now a calming, ocean inspired oasis. A repeat client came back to us and wanted to improve not only the aesthetics of the bathroom but the function too. The original bathroom had the plumbing for the shower along the same wall as the toilet and vanity. The inconvenience of squeezing past the toilet to turn on the shower was the first item to address. Then came the underutilized tub followed closely by the short vanity. We improved accessibility and function by relocating the shower plumbing to the opposite wall, increasing the height of the vanity and installing a new walk-in shower instead of a tub. The backlit mirror as well as the sconce lights illuminate the bathroom and provide the best light for getting ready in the morning. TIP: By having the light come straight towards your face rather than from above, it helps eliminate shadows.

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