Aging-in-Place in Northern Virginia

Aging-in-place raises a lot of questions for homeowners and families. How can you adapt a house to changing needs? How can you make a home safer and more accessible for you or your loved ones? And what are the key steps in renovating a home for aging-in-place?

Our free guide to Aging-in-Place in Northern Virginia is packed with tips and insights to help you plan for the road ahead.

This 57-page guide covers:

  1. What You Need to Know
  2. The Accessible Home
  3. The Accessible Bathroom
  4. The Accessible Kitchen
  5. Getting Around Accessible Doors and Entryways
  6. Stair Lifts and Elevators
  7. Ramps
  8. Outdoor Lighting
  9. An Aging-in-Place Checklist

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