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Dust Protection and Floor Protection – necessary but overlooked

By Tess Wittler | March 27, 2020

Your family, home and furnishings are important to you so they are important to us. Every remodeling project should have necessary precautions to limit the spread of dust and particles (as it should always be not just because of COVID-19). One of our biggest concerns is to make sure we have as little impact on…

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Are All Quartz Countertops the Same?

By Bob Benedict | December 20, 2018

Is there a difference between quartz countertops and other materials? Which countertop material is best: Quartz or Granite?  Of course, the answer is “It Depends”.  After explaining the differences many people prefer Quartz. “Quartz” in context to this discussion is a man-made countertop product more accurately described as “engineered stone”.  So with a decision to…

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How to Widen a Doorway for Aging in Place

By Bob Benedict | August 25, 2016

Most homes do not have many doorways that are wide enough for people who wish to safely Age-in-Place or for those with mobility issues. This post will focus on how to widen existing doorways, whether you want a simple solution such as switching the direction of the swing of the door, widening the frame or…

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How to Care for Granite and Marble Countertops

By Bob Benedict | September 20, 2013

Information Courtesy of The Stone Studio, Chantilly Granite is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain.  By following these suggestions for use, your countertops will last a lifetime while maintaining a brand new appearance. Daily Care and Use: Sealant: Stains, Lime Build Up, Food Stuck on Surface: Scratches, Chips, Repairs: We also recommend the following product…

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How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

By Bob Benedict | July 19, 2013

Many times when I first meet with people one of the first questions asked is: “How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?”   Well that’s a good question and of course it depends. The actual construction is one part of the answer and the other part is the process of determining design, selections, specialty…

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7 Critical Things to Remember When Adding a Partial Second Story Addition to a House

By Bob Benedict | June 29, 2013

My previous blog was about adding a second story addition above a garage – somewhat difficult but not too tough. A more complicated project is to add a partial second story addition (i.e. a second floor) to an existing house. This type of project includes many of same challenges associated with going above a garage plus others…

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Kitchen Remodel: Taking care of stainless steel appliances

By Bob Benedict | May 24, 2013

Over the past few years, stainless steel appliances have become an increasingly popular choice by consumers. Unlike color choices, stainless steel appliances are not easily dated, and if kept in good condition, their value holds up very well against their color counterparts.   Not to mention that they look beautiful. First and foremost, never clean stainless…

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How luxury selections affect your kitchen remodel price

By Bob Benedict | April 13, 2013

In my March 8th blog I wrote about the “Cost of Luxury Kitchen Design” and in particular some of the big cost drivers. In that blog I addressed mostly the construction tasks that affect a kitchen remodel price. In this blog I will address how the selection of certain upgrade or luxury products will impact…

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Remodeling Your Kitchen: Kitchen Lighting Options

By Bob Benedict | April 5, 2013

Beth Caston, the lighting manager of Ferguson Enterprises in Chantilly, helped us compose the following article.  It covers the popular topic of kitchen lighting options.  I hope you find it informative. The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home.  It’s not only a space for cooking and preparing, it’s where we spend time with…

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The Cost of a Luxury Kitchen Design

By Bob Benedict | March 8, 2013

I have been in the home remodeling business for 27 years and have noticed three recurring questions when first meeting a prospective customer. The first two questions are easy to answer. The third: “How much will my luxury kitchen remodeling cost?” is like asking “How much does a bag of groceries cost?” It all depends.…

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